Supply and demand

Are you hooked by the common preoccupation with struggling to match demand and supply? Perhaps you're under the impression that the two are naturally in perpetual conflict. Supply, many assume, functions only in a material way and depends on finite resources. Within this framework, demand -- whether for energy, peace, housing, or whatever -- can seem insatiable.

Most mortals are fastened to the concept of finite resources. But Christ Jesus, who so successfully showed true demand and supply to be in balance, did not accept a limited source. He knew Spirit, God, as the Father of man, the divine and limitless source of man's entire being. Since man is created by God to express the qualities of his Maker, what place is there in God's sight for lack and depletion? and the true demand is God's demand -- that man express divine Spirit, Mind, Love. This demand is being supplied perpetually from the divine source of man's being.

A telling sentence by the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, puts supply and demand in a beneficial light: "The spiritual demand, quelling the material, supplies energy and endurance surpassing all other aids, and forestalls the penalty which our beliefs would attach to our best deeds." n1 Here the demand also does the supplying. Why do we, then -- like the inquisitive fish --seem to be so keen to be hooked on the notion that real supply and demand are perpetually out of balance?

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Perhaps we need better living conditions, reliable transportation, employment , respect, identity. Are we responding to the insistence of a material sense of lack, or are we seeing the need for a fuller expression and experience of what is already here, what God eternally gives His image, man -- love, stability, completeness, variety?

The familiar account of the children of Israel and the manna opens with demands that may be paralleled today. The Israelites lamented that their journey through life was getting them down, and they recalled that the past was so much better, "when we sat by the flesh pots, and when we did eat bread to the full." n2 MAtter had been a god to satisfy them --but now they were hungry. The spiritual demand, however, was what needed to be met. And it apparently wasm being met in their mumbling acceptance of Moses' leadership, for divine supply was adapted to their needs. The Bible notes that "he that gathered much had nothing over, and he that gathered little had no lack; they gathered ever man according to his eating." n3

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Should we not de-restrict ourselves and demand not less but more -- not more materiality, but more of the Father's supply, more love, integrity, wisdom in ourselves? This attitude doesn't bring any more of God's goodness than He is always giving. But it does help direct our thought and life Godward, where true supply comes from. Responding to the spiritual demand -- adjusting our misconceptions of substance as essentially material and yielding to God's will in us for a higher expression of His nature -- opens our thought to receive the needed supply. Then demand and supply are in balance. DAILY BIBLE VERSE Thou dost establish equity. Psa lms 99:4

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