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It is still possible to stay in Paris for as little as $30 a day in a comfortable Left Bank hotel. More luxurious accommodations on the Right Bank cost as little as $40 a day, or a modest $66 for the "grand luxe" of the Ritz or Crillon.

These low rates are part of one-week Air France packages called the "Paris Aristocrat," "Parisian Holiday," and "Left Bank." They are available through August 1981 and, in addition to the low room rates, include round-trip airport-hotel transfers and daily continental breakfasts, plus shopping and sightseeing extras.

All programs feature weekly departures from New York, Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles to Paris aboard nonstop Air France 747 flights, and can be combined with the lowest one-week "apex" fare, which is $601 round trip from New York. Contact Air France or your travel agent fo r further information.

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