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A new Caribbean sailing-vacation program is being offered by World yacht Enterprises Ltd., private yacht charter specialists. The program is specially geared to sailing enthusiasts who wish to crew their own yachts ("bareboating," as it's called) instead of chartering a yacht with captain and crew, which would be much more expensive.

The 7-day sailing itinerary included in the tours covers the islands of Guadeloupe, Marie Galante, Antigua, and the lie des Saintes, but alternative itineraries are also available.

The yachts, all brand-new 32-foot Maxi 95s, will sail in flotillas of 10 at a time, departing from Guadeloupe each Wednesday and Sunday. There are 20 boats in all, all first class and fully equipped. They will be accompanied by a mother ship furnishing supplies, fresh food daily, repairs, and any other necessary assistance.

The program features 11-day tours that include four nights at the Hotel Meridien in Guadeloupe, followed by six nights on board the yacht, and separate 7-day tours which include the yacht itinerary only. Rates for the 11-day tours are $929 for groups of six, $960 for five, $1,051 for four, $1,200 for three, and $1,471 for two. These include four nights' accommodations at the hotel. MAP, and all provisions aboard for three meals daily. The 7-day tours with the entire time spend aboard the yacht are priced at $519 per person in a group of 6 , $564 with 5, $630 with 4, $741 with 3, and $964 with 2.

For further information, write World Yacht Enterprises Ltd., 14 West 55th Street, New York, N.Y. 1 0019.

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