Gray-water disposal an island problem

Q. We want to build a one-room cabin on an island which is too small to support a septic-tank system. How can we dispose of small quantities of sink water which must not go into the ground? An incinerating or composing toilet are acceptable to local authorities, but a pump-out or carry-out holding tank for gray water is not. Is there a solar evaporator on the market? Nelson B. Rich Center Tuftonboro, N.H.

A. One expert says that a composting toilet would not do for disposing of gray water. He says he believes that an incinerating or evaporating apparatus could dispose of sink water if the power requirement were met.

Don't recreational vehicles have a waste- incinerating device which works off the exhaust system?

If anyone knows of a solar-evaporating system, or other method, to handle this kind of gray-water problem, let us hear from you. We've struck out on the question so far.

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