Peru, Ecuador end border clash

Peru and Ecuador have agreed to an immediate cease-fire all along the El Condor Cordillera separating the two nations. Monitor Latin America correspondent James Nelson Goodsell in Lima reports that the two Andean countries have accepted the good offices of the four countries -- Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and the US, who are the guarantors of the treaty of 1942 -- to maintain the peace along the frontier.

The area has long been in dispute with both nations claiming control of some of the same territory.

When the two nations began their latest squabble, there were threats of major conflict between the two. But the efforts of the four guarantor nations and the Organization of American States in Washington to separate the two sides, has apparently been successful.

Both the governments of President Fernando Belaunde Terry in Peru and President Jaime Roldos of Ecuador have been interested in ending the conflict. They now have apparently done just that.

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