Yes, plastic pipe can be replaced

Q. We've added a new bathroom using PVC drainpipe. What happens if the plastic pipe springs a leak? Must whole sections be replaced? Also, will the heat from a duct near the pipe harm it?

* Can a fiber-glass tub be repaired, if damaged? If so, how? Ann Hattes Danvers, Mass.

A. If a break or leak occurs in the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe, the pipe can be cut and a new piece installed. It can also be replaced in portions by using the same glue as originally applied at the joints.

Sometimes stainless-steel couplings are used in the repair of soil pipe.

As to the proximity of the heating duct to the PVC pipe, no, it will not harm it unless the heat is intense.

* Now, can a fiber-glass tub be repaired? Yet, it can, but preferably by a professional, so as to avoid a possible Mickey Mouse job; in other words, an unsatisfactory job.

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