Moyers does it again . . . and again . . .

Bill Moyers, the generally acknowledged "conscience of American television" has managed to garner seven nominations for the National News and Documentary Emmy Awards.

Seven segments of his WNET/NY-PBS "Journal" were cited for excellence. If you want to see what all the hallelujahs are about, tune in tonight for his superb, insightful interview with renowned scientist Rene Dubos ("Bill Moyers Journal," Fridays, PBS, 10-11 p.m., check local listings for premiere and repeats).

Octogenarian Dubos is an optimist about the future -- even though he is wary of irresponsible scientific research. Moyers draws him out skillfully.

"Somewhere or other during the past 20 years," Dr. Dubos says, "we have begun to cultivate the science and the art of anticipating all the consequences -- not all, but many of the consequences -- of what we do and use. And I think as we cultivate this art, along with it we cultivate a sense of responsibility, if we are really human beings . . . ."

"Where do you think it will lead us?" Moyers asks.

"I happen to believe that one can live to the age of 120," Dr. Dubos responds. "However, I don't find that of special interest. What I find of much greater interest is the conviction that within our brain there are potentialities for visualizing, creating, and enjoying much more than we now visualize, create, or enjoy . . . ."

Dr. Dubos discloses that he is writing a book entitled "Celebrations of Life." He says: "I believe that in all its phases, there is in life something that's very unique, something very different from the rest of inanimate creation: the power of restoring itself. The difference between shoes and the sole of your feet is that if you walk for a long time the sole of your shoes wears out and you have to discard your shoes. If you walk barefooted, the skin of your foot grows back.It renews itself. Your feet are living; the shoe is dead.And somewhere or another, there is something very profound there. The power of renewal . . . faith. . . ."

Where else in the great crisscross of channels that is today's TV will you be forced to think a bit about yourself and the universe? That's why Moyers wins so many Emmy nominations, and, one hopes, Emmys themselves, too.

If you have not yet met Rene Dubos -- you have Bill Moyers to thank for introducing you to still another joyous human being.

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