"Parting Shots" may not be title of Jody Powell's new book, but some people wouldn't blame him if it were.

As President Carter's press secretary, Powell locked horns with reporters more than once in his four years on the job. Powell will meet with publishers in New York later this month to test his ideas for the book, which will be about Carter's relationship with the news media. Look for a late '81 or early '82 publication date.

Other former presidential press secretaries -- most recently Jerry ter Horst (Ford), Ron Nessen (also Ford), and Bill Moyers (Johnson) -- have written about their White House experiences, but theirs were mostly memoirs. Except for Moyer's "Listening to America," they were not big sellers -- something Powell may want to keep in mind as he takes his turn.

When the book is finished, Powell reportedly will look for a broadcasting job. Fellow Carter aide Hamilton Jordan is scheduled to join the Atlant a- based Cable News Network.m

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