Removing the sparkle on living-room ceiling

Q. We recently bought a 50-year-old brick bungalow with a living-room ceiling covered with rough plaster with an unsightly metallic sparkle. How can I remove this effect?

* Also, what is the best way to install a 2 1/2- inch wood picture cornice at the top of the wall? Patricia Jurasich Salt Lake City

A. You can cover the rough-plastered ceiling with a paint that is applied with a special acoustic ceiling foam roller or with an airless spray gun. Use an inexpensive flat latex wall paint or an acoustic ceiling paint that is designed to retain some of the acoustic property of the ceiling.

There is no need to use a high-priced flat wall paint, since washability is of no concern here.

As to the picture cornice, simply cut it to lengths. Then, using care, cope or miter the intersections. Now merely nail the cornice to the framing behind the plaster. Use 6- or 8- penny casin g or finish nails.

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