Hardwood-floor stains yield to elbow grease

Q. How can I remove stains from a hardwood floor? One was caused by a dog and the other by water coming through an open window. E. H. Norwood, Mass.

A. You'll need plenty of elbow grease to do the job. In wiping out stains from the hardwood, first remove the old finish. Depending on how extensive the stains are, the existing floor may or may not have to be stripped. Rent a floor sander to do the stripping.

If the stains still defy removal, use a commerical beach, which you can buy a paint or hardware store.

After the floor area is thoroughly dry, finish it with multiple coats of polyurethane varnish, following the manufacturer's directions to the letter.

If this process is more Amazonian than suits you fancy, call in a professional hardwood floor finisher to do the job. Likely his end result will be superior t o yours if you are an inexperienced hardwood-floor finisher.

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