Moments so moving that some couldn't watch

Whatever becomes of the US hostage agreement with Iran; whatever steps are taken to deter similar violations of international justice in the future, there are some tender human moments that may remain indelibly inscribed on the collective American consciousness:

* Ex-hostage Barry Rosen, whose blindfolded visage was telecast around the globe, holding his little daughter, Arianna, in his arms when he first touched US soil.

* The seas of flag-carrying well-wishers sweeping down on the six buses ferrying the ex- hostages and their families from Stewart Airport to the US Military Academy.

* The spontaneous singing of "America the Beautiful" and other patriotic songs.

* Frank Tarbell, manager of Stewart Airport, telling reporters he was so moved by the reunion at the airport that "I couldn't look. I had to turn my back."

* Former hostage William J. Daugherty of Ossining, N.Y., surprised to see his brother from Australia as well as his widowed mother greet him.

* The quiet, long walks that Warrant Officer Joseph M. Hall and his wife, Cheri, took around the grounds of placid West Point on the first day they could call theirs, alone.

And, after one more day in the public eye, return to one of the most precious of American rights: t he privacy of free men and women.

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