That Bulgarian grandma of mine

The world press somehow has been so caught up in other matters that you may have missed the news from Bulgaria. Yet Jan. 20, which was only Inauguration Day in America, was Grandmother's Day in Bulgaria. And it was good to be reminded that presidents may come and go, but once a grandmother always a grandmother. There are a lot more grandmothers on the planet than Republicans, or Democrats for that matter.

We wouldn't have it any other way. Grandmothers must be among everybody's favorite special interest groups, possibly because their typical special interest is in someone cuddly other than themselves. If superpower America's policy toward Bulgaria is to "promote constructive relationships," as the US State Department says, then a mutual appreciation of grandmothers should not be overlooked in all the Washington hoopla.

It's only in recent years that American grandmothers, not to forget their occasionally cuddly husbands, gained official recognition with a presidentially proclaimed National Grandparents Day in September. Of course, the date is not important wherever there are grandmothers. You don't have to be Bulgarian to love'em right now.

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