A claim for yacht China seized

A story about the capture of a yacht off China in 1953 resurfaces this week when the widow of a colorful American foreign correspondent of that era makes a claim for funds from the Chinese government.

Barbara applegate of Boston says the Chinese owe her $227,500 for the 42-foot yacht of her late husband, M. Richard Applegate, which was seized off Hong Kong 28 years ago. She is scheduled to appeal to the US foreign Claims Settlement Commission (FCSC) in Washington on Tuesday. The boat, with Mr. Applegate and two American friends aboard, was stopped by a Chinese gunboat. The three men were detained for 18 months before their release, and the yacht was not returned.

China has agreed to pay the United States $80.5 million, which the FCSC will use to settle numerous claims by American companies and citizens for property seized after the Communist took over mainland China in 1949. Mrs. Applegate will try to convince the commission to honor her claim, although it was filed late and has been turned down .

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