In China everyone works and everyone has a job, but usually not his own choosing. To help every able-bodied person work and produce, each commme, factory, or government office provides a nursery for the children of working parents.

Many youngsters are placed in the nursery almost form birth.Some are picked up by parents in the evening; other go home only on weekends.

Grandparents also play a large part in helping to care for the children, and they find that their pensions help the family make ends meet.

Until recently all private enterprises were banned and the making of extra" money was next to impossible. But little by little, shops seling fruits, vegetables, handicrafts, paintings, embroidery, and personal items have sprung up along the roadside.

As a result of more spending money, nightly opera performances are sold out, clothing is more colorful and gay, and camera and film sales are rising.

A day off from work means a day in the park or in a museum, or a trip to the great wall, where families can mingle and talk with foreign visitors.

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