Still unresolved: case of Cynthia Dwyer in Iran

The 52 United States hostages finally have been liberated but, as far as could be determined at this writing, American freelance journalist Cynthia Dwyer did not board either of the two Air Algeria planes that flew the hostages out of Iran.

Mrs. Dwyer, who was arrested last May following the abortive US rescue attempt, was not included in the hostage deal.

No official charges as yet have been brought against Mrs. Dwyer. But the Jumhurri Islami newspaper -- mouthpiece of the hard-line ruling Islamic Republican Party -- claimed last July that Mrs. Dwyer had offered "counterrevolutionary elements" fighting for the overthrow of the Khomeini regime help in gaining access to CIA aid.

Mrs. Dwyer strongly denied these accusations when she was visited last month by the Swiss Ambassador to Iran, Erich Lang, and by a representative of the International Red Cross. Mr. Lang acts as caretaker of US interests in Iran. His visit was the first Mrs. Dwyer has had since she was arrested.

The Red Cross representative in Tehran, Zan Rofenan, told the Monitor that Mrs. Dwyer, who now is being held in Tehran's Ewin prison, is being treated "reasonably well."

"Physically, her treatment is good," Mr. Rofenan said. "But it is difficult for her to cope with the psychological pressures." In mid-August Mrs. Dwyer wa transferred to Ewin prison where she was given the choice between sharing a community cell with approximately 12 Iranian women prisoners or living in an isolation cell. "IT's not much of a choice," Mr. Rofenan said.

The result is that Mrs. Dwyer spends a week in a community cell, and then returns to solitary confinement until her longing for human co ntact makes her take another try at a community cell.

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