Toronto borrows a line from the 'Big Apple'

Toronto likes to think of itself as the "Little Apple," second cousin to New York city, the "Big Apple." Tourism officials hope this image will be as successful in attracting tourists to Toronto as to New York. Certainly, Toronto has as many slights. The CN Tower, the world's tallest freestanding structure (1,815 feet), attracts millions of tourists, bringing in $80 million in revenues each year. Toronto also has a 96-acre amusement park called Ontario Place, located along its developing waterfront, and boat tours of the Toronto islands.

The city has a major art museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and scores of smaller galleries, some exhibiting native (Eskimo and Indian) artworks.

Toronto is also a shopper's paradise with possibly more retail stores than New York. Since Toronto winters can be cold, many shops are located inside giant covered malls.

Much like New York, Toronto has a varied ethnic mix, which offers meals ranging from Chinese to Portuguese and Italian. First-class French cook ing is also available.

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