Social security for divorcee

I have not received an answer to my question from social security. Can you help? I was married for 30 years and divorced. My ex-husband has remarried. When he turns 65, we will still have a daughter, 20, in college. How will his social security benefit be distributed among the four of us? -- M. P.

If you have not received a written response from social security, you should take your question personally to a local office; there are more than 800 around the United States. No benefits will be payable to any of the four persons you mention -- your ex-husband, his current wife, your daughter in school, or yourself -- until he retires and files for benefits. When he retires, your daughter should receive a child's benefits until she reaches age 22 if she continues as a full-time student and meets other requirements. You are entitled to half of his benefits if you do not remarry, are 62 or older, and apply for benefits. His current wife will also receive a half benefit. Your ex-husband will receive full benefits determined from his work record and his age a t retirement.

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