Norfolk Christmas tree

To the gardening editor: In the interesting article on Oct. 24 on growing trees indoors, mention is made of the beautiful Norfolk Island pine.

A few years ago I bought a small table- size one to be a future "heirloom" Christmas tree to be enjoyed all year round.

It was a steady, symmetrical plant and it has been so interesting to watch it start growing its next segment of trunk and putting out fine new branches by Christmastime. It's now up to 4 1/2 feet.

The article mentioned using traditional or usual Christmas tree decorations. I have found that the large balls and other ornaments do not suit the flexible branches, but weigh them down ungracefully.

So, through the years, I have been collecting smaller decorations of straw, felt, light wood, and anything that can clip on top of a branch instead of haning down, if possible.

Small bows and Styrofoam-brand ornaments are good, and twinkle lights would probably be suitable.

It's lovely to have a tree that doesn't take up any more room than usual and doesn't shed its needles or look stiffly artificial. It's ideal for an apartment as well as a house, and children love it. Barbara Reynolds Ottawa

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