News for the Traveler (1)

A Boston hotel is using its Yankee ingenuity to attract more foreign visitors by bringing a taste of New England to four European cities this November. The Colonnade, in cooperation with the United States Travel Service, TWA, and the Massachusetts Port Authority, will present a series of dinners for Europe's travel writers and travel industry leaders at London's Savoy Hotel, Frankurt's Gravenbruch, Rome's Hassler, and the George V in Paris.

The four-city tour by the hotel's managing director, Amos O. Juster, and five-chef team will take place Nov. 4-12. The seven-course "Cuisine Americana" dinner at each European hotel will feature a buffet of seafoods flown in fresh daily from Boston, as well as Colonnade Clam Chowder, Cold Lobster "Susan Allen, " Roast Lamb "Lady Carol From Belmont," and Indian Pudding from Plymouth, with chocolate sauce. Julia Child has served as an adviser to the Colonnade on the preparation of the Menu.

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