Summit session planned on North-South relations

Representatives of 11 countries agreed to hold a summit conference next June to discuss economic relations between rich and poor states. The summit, to be held in Mexico, will give leaders of 20 to 25 states the opportunity to exchange views on the progress of "North-South" negotiations in the United Nations and other forums. But the summit, initiated by Mexican President Jose Lopez Portillo and Austrian Chancellor Bruno Kreisky, will not be part of the UN global negotiations due to start in January, or any other talks between industrialized and developing nations.

"It will be . . . political in character, very informal in procedure, and comprehensive in scope," said Mexican Foreign Minister Jorge Castaneda.

The 11 states -- Austria, Algeria, Canada, France, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Sweden, Tanzania, West Germany, and Yugoslavia -- will meet again in March to determine the final list of participants.

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