short takes

For technical reasons, Hopscotch is rated R and in God We Trust is rated PG, but many viewers might feel it should be reversed. Aside from a few four-letter words uttered by Ned Beatty, "Hopscotch" is a mild comedy about a secret agent who decides to spill the beans about "dirty tricks" in high places. Though Ronald Neame directed and Glenda Jackson is along for the ride, it's Walter Matthau's show all the way.Marty Feldman's "In God We Trust" is subtitled "Gimme That Prime-Time Religion," and it spends most of its time furiously attacking a fictitious evangelist who is inspired by profits instead of prophets. The subplot is about a love affair between a prostitute and a monk, and innuendo positively riddles the atmosphere. The PG tag has rarely seemed so misused.

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