Mideast foes both claim gains

Both Iran and Iraq claimed battlefield victories Sunday, as the indeci sive Gulf war entered its fifth week. Baghdad said its troops captured a "strategic Iranian camp" near Khorramshahr, where street fighting raged for a fourth straight day. An Iraqi military communique said four Iranian jets were shot down and 10 tanks destroyed on all battlefronts during the night.

Iran said its defenders again pushed back attacking Iraqi troops from the outskirts of Abadan, site of the Middle East's largest oil refinery. Iranian warplanes hit Baghdad, attacking what the IRaqis said were "civil and economic targets."

Two Iraqi air raids on the oil terminal at Kharg Island were beaten off, Tehran said, adding that Iraqi warplanes also struck near the railway station of Ahvaz, capital of Khuzestan Province, with a rocket attack.

A Tehran broadcast admitted Iraqi forces "managed to get close to Abadan under artillery cover" but said "Iranian troops, revolutionary guards, and Abadan inhabitants" drove them back six miles Sunday morning.

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