Spray-on coatings for aging roofs

Q. The roof on my home does not leak yet but I must have something done to it before another winter. Is there a paint or spray-on material for asphalt-shingle roofs which might be applied in my case? Will it last more than a year? Would just plain green paint intended for wood shingles suffice? H. E. Bentley Pulaski, N.Y.

A. I'd say nay on the green wood-shingle paint and yea to considering a spray- on type roof coating that is designed to give longevity to your composition shingle roof. If wisely selected and properly applied, it should indeed last longer than a year.

One such national company furnishing a spray-on roofing material is VIP West Inc., 1287 66th Street, Emeryville, Calif. 94608. Phone: (415) 653-9633.

For other spray-on roofing companies check the yellow pages of your telephone book under the headings of "roofing contractors" and "roofing materials."

Before going the spray-on route, however, compare the cost and longevity of a new composition-shingle roof with the spray-on roofing overlay. When securing bids for a new composition-shingle roof, examine the costs and expected longevity of the various weights of asphalt shingles.

There are brush-applied roof coatings which are serviceable and likely less expensive than a heavy spray-on or a new "compo" roof. Check with your local paint store or conventional roofing-supply house.

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