Campaign Roundup (2)

"Time and intelligent dialogue," says the founder of the fundamentalist Christian group Moral Minority, will debunk the notion that ultraconservative Christians want to make the country after their own image.

TV evangelist Jerry Falwell forecasts that the born-again, fundamentalist Christian vote -- including his own -- will og largely to Roanld Reagan.

But Falwell would never, he said in a television interview, call from the pulpit for a bloc vote from his congregation or much bigger TV audience. His Moral Majority organization, he says, wants to influence , not control.

Falwell's comments come as debate in a crescendo over the increasing activism of religious groups in political issues.

Another Chritian evangelist, Ed McAteer, head of a group called the REligous Roundtable, says that Reagan promised him appointment to a transition team if elected. A campaign speksmen says that Reagan only said he would "consider qualified Christian appointees."m

Common Cause is charging that five of the independent committees set up to promote Ronald Reagan are linked to the Reagan campign.

If true, Reagan could be disqualified for federal campaign funds.

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