Prints, patterns, and plaids jazz up underfashions

Bright colors, lots of camisoles and slips, and a European influence are seen in the underfashions offered by American makers for fall and winter, according to Jill Jacobson, editor of Body Fashions/Intimate Apparel.

Teddies as well as shorter slips for shorter ready-to-wear skirts are important in the lingerie picture for the coming months, she says.

Support comes not only from all-in-ones, but also from bra-bikini combinations. Swimsuits borrowing from the Esther Williams era, and classic leisure wear are important in the casual classification. Long, flowing dresses, robes, caftans, and peignoirs are being offered in the nation's underfashion boutiques and intimate apparel departments.

"Gone are the days of murky gray, pink, blue, and maize," says Ms. Jacobson. "Intimate apparel dares to step into the future in blazing technicolor."

Prints also are important for underfashions, including those with tiny patterns and plaids. Velours and battalions of fleeces are scheduled to be offered to the women of the nation to keep warm this winter, whether they're wearing robes, pajamas, or nightgowns.

Sets of nightgowns and peignoirs are important and much of the leisurewear gets its inspiration from the days when Carole Lombard, Greta Garbo, and Marlene Dietrich appeared on movie screens.

The underfashions have European influence with garter belts combined with bras and body suits, some with tiny, thin spaghetti straps. The European influence also is seen in the use of stockings rather than pantyhose.

Qiana, Antron, Antron III and Lycra are important fabrics along with see-through spandex fibers for what is called "second skin allure." Many of the fabrics have a glossy, filmy feeling, and lace is important as a trim.

Half slips are starring along with the camisoles. Long and short pants with support for street length suits or pants also were shown.

Nightwear is ultra feminine, sometimes gossamer. Some of the detail is provided by lace, others by embroidery or appliques. The tailored look also is in with many shirtwaist styles for nightwear.

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