Solving the cost overrun problem

Careful estimates have been made. The bid has been successful. But supply, management, or labor problems have delayed the project. Cost overruns threaten to wipe out the narrow margin of profit -- or, as in the case of government contracts, the overruns threaten to wipe out the taxpayer!

Is there a solution? Yes. It can be found by applying the teachings of Christian Science -- teachings that accord with the Biblical statement, "The Lord giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding." n1

Proverbs 2:6.

What is the starting point? Christ Jesus recognized it: "Wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business?" n2 Every legitimate human activity is but the individual manifestation in some degree of God's universal action. The more we understand of the omnipresence and nature of God, the more His perfectly functioning business will be reflected in our daily activities.

n2 Luke 2:49.

The Scriptures imply that God is divine Principle, the only lawgiver and regulator. Everything operating under the control and direction of Principle must be perfectly coordinated. There can't be too much or too little of anything. As we live under Principle and let it shape our thoughts and decisions, we'll find more and more harmony and balance in business affairs.

Divine Principle is synonymous with divine Mind, true consciousness, the source of all genuine mental activity, all true ideas. These ideas are spiritual, wholly good -- ideas of justice and integrity, of orderly structure, unfailing development, and impartial blessing. As we let them govern our business -- or our view of business -- the effects will be efficiency and productivity.

Mind's unlimited ideas appear to human consciousness and enlighten it as we give up the false sense of ego, with its belief in limited human capacities, and accept God as the source of all true knowing. Acknowledging the real man's inseparability from this source opens the way for problem-solving concepts to appear.

Divine Mind is the true communicator. Mind communicates to all its infinite creation impartially, universally, and instantaneously. Learning to listen for the spiritual ideas always emanating from this Mind -- and acting on them -- one begins to understand these ideas. Then he will solve problems in communication and remove another barrier to productivity.

Sometimes work slowdowns, absenteeism, inefficient or deficient workmanship, seem to be causes of cost overruns. All of them can be symptoms of poor motivation.

Right motivation is a divine impulsion, the manifestation of the divine will, not the human. "Christian Science reveals Truth and Love as the motive-powers of man," n3 writes Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of this Science. Truth and Love are two other synonyms for God, found in the Scriptures.

n3 Science and Health with key to the Scriptures,m p.490.

Understanding the truth of motivation, prayerfully affirming its operation in the human enterprise, and striving to manifest it, we remove a further roadblock to productivity.

Good communication and right motivation start the engine running. But it must be engaged and put into gear for the operation to move forward. This requires activity -- activity governed by wisdom, understanding, and intelligence. These qualities are commonly attributed to heredity or education.As such they are believed to be personal possessions that are unequally distributed and subject to impairment and loss. In reality, however, they are attributes of divine Mind and are expressed in His creation. Knowing and claiming this fact for everyone associated with a business enables it to become more apparent.

Right motivation coupled with intelligent action must result in genuine productivity. In proportion as this is seen, acknowledged, and worked out in practice, the problem of cost overruns will be solved. DAILY BIBLE VERSE A just weight and balance are the Lord's Proverbs 16:11

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