We're back to hand water pumps

Q. I plan to install a hand water pump instead of a submersible pump in Wickenburg, Ariz., since someday electrical service may not be available at all times. Can you give me a list of manufactureres of hand pumps? Karl L. Renike Los Angeles, Calif.

A. Your question on a hand water pump brings back nostalgic memories of my boyhood summers in Bristol, Ind. Grandmother had two hand water pumps, one at the kitchen sink from a cistern and the other outside above the well. When city water preempted those manual methods later on, Grandmother was glad.

Now we are back full cycle and considering hand water pumps again.

Here are two hand-water-pump manufacturers:

* Depster Industries Inc. Beatrice, Neb. 68310

* NASCO West Farm & Ranch 1524 Princeton Avenue Modesto, Calif. 95352

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