Campaign Roundup (4)

The AFL-CIO is planning a campaign to convince rank-and-file workers that it would not be in their interest to vote for Ronald Reagan for president. Secretary-Treasurer Thomas Donahue said the 13.6 million-member federation will mount a heavy anti-Reagan effort this fall, rather than a pro-Carter bid. He said labor will use "a more sophisticated, a more refined machine" to educate workers on Reagan's record on labor issues while he was governor of California.

AFL-CIO president Lane Kirkland said labor could support neither Reagan nor independent John Anderson. But, he added, its degree of enthusiasm for Carter could depend on what the President includes in his forthcoming economic program.

Reagan is expected to address the Ohio conference of the Teamsters union this week and could pick up its support, although there is no indication the entire 2 million-member union is ready to back him.m

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