Getting at the 'bang' in hot-water tank

Q. My gas hot-water tank gives off "banging" noises whenever the heater is on. Other tenants in the building have the same problem. We are told it is a result of a buildup of lime in the pipes. A water softener may help, but it is not practical for me. Do you know of any other way to handle the lime deposits, assuming that this is the source of the noise? What do you suggest? Mrs. Jean R. McFerran Ravenna, ohio

A. Sometimes such water noises may be eliminated by installing what is called a water-hammer arrester. Get in touch with a local plumber for the feasibility and cost of such a device. Ask him whether or not he thinks it would stop the banging.

Sometimes reduction in water pressure at the meter can thwart the noise. Ask the plumber about this as well. You might want to try this out first.

As to removing the lime deposits in the water lines, use a product that is equal to Aquadene, made by the Stiles-Kem Corporation, Zion, IL 60099. Introduced into the constricted water lines, Aquadene should loosen or dissolve the deposits in the pipes.

You say a water softener is not practical for you? You can rent one from a local water- softener company, if you're interested. Also, the company will service it regularly as well.

Why don't you give such a company a call for a monthly rental-service price?

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