Stopgap TV (sort of)

The Hollywood television actors' strike is said to be causing some executives to plan "stopgap" fall programming in case the start of the regular season is delayed. Herewith a few suggestions for how to stop the TV gap:

"The Jimmy and Ronnie Hour." With a nonpolitical format to avoid the question of equal time for other candidates, President Carter and challenger Reagan trade quips and experiences in a call-in program of financial advice. Illustrated with dramatizations of their tax returns.

"The Washington Squares." A low-budget game show pitting members of Congress against presidential appointees in a leisurely paced battle of wits.

"America the Musical." Each week the wandering cameras take you to a corner of America where citizens still entertain themselves, singing around the old upright piano, playing the spoons, having jam sessions, inviting the neighbors in to keep them from calling the police. Stereo simulcast available through FM stations that receive no government funds.

"Portland." Set in the Oregon city sometimes judged the most livable in the nation, this engaging antidote to "Dallas" offers nice people solving happy problems through honesty, unselfishness, monogamy, and teetotaling. Added verisimilitude is provided by the unknown nonunion cast.

On second thought, imagining what the television folks might do to such worthy projects, maybe it would be better just to have a TV gap.

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