My Friend Ryan

My friend Ryan is my pal. When he's out I always play with him. Today he is coming over for four days while his mom and dad are in Canada. We will have lots of fun. He likes animals a lot so I show him my animal posters and he says , "Cat, yaa? Cat, yaa?" and I'll says, "Yeh, Ryan, that's a cat alright. What's this one?"

One day I though I'd see if he could pick me out on my school picture. He looked and look at all the faces. He looked so hard, and after a few minutes he pointed to me on the picture and said, "This you, yaa? This you, yaa?" I said, "You're right, Ryan, this is me." I was so proud of my little friend I picked him up. WOW! "Ryan, you are so-o-o-o heavy!"

Ryan is two years old and he is so cute. I think if I could I would steal him for my brother. We went fishing and he kept catching a little baby trout but it would get loose again and again. Finally he gave up.

A few days after that his mom and dad came back. I was sad but his dad said he could stay over night sometimes. So now I am happy.

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