Book review: Harvard and its 'ed' school; A century of struggles in education; The Uncertain Profession, by Arthur G. Powell. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press. $18.50.

Whether or not you care a whit about Harvard University's Graduate School of Education, you will find this fascinating reading. You will need to care, though, about education and schooling.

And you will wonder just why it is that the same questions that plagued Charles William Eliot in the late 19th century still plague us today.

Reading Powell's account of the struggles, both personal and ideological, by cultured scholars for nearly a century puts even team teaching into perspective, much less the problems associated with elitism, egalitarianism, and Harvard's unique ethos.

"The Uncertain Profession" is well researched and well written and kindly falls short of telling us more than we want to know about Harvard, its struggle to form a graduate school of education, and its several distinguished deans.

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