College costs: run-up hardly over

The nation's college bills, up a stunning 90 percent over the past dec ade, will leap another 8 to 10 percent in the coming school year, the College Board said Wednesday.

Many first-rate East and West Coast residential schools are jumping into the

The average cost at private four-year schools is up to $6,082; at the four-year public (state or city) school it's $3,409.

At rock bottom are costs for students who stay at home and commute to public two-year colleges. The bill for such students, on average, will be $2,753.

"If the pace of the '70s holds up in the '80s, we'll see college expenses approach $20,000 a year at high-cost colleges by the end of the next decde," said Joe Paul Case, director of the College Board program.

School-year budges in the study include tuition and fees, transportation, personal, room, board, books, and supplies.

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