New Lebanese premier named to spur unity

President Elias Sarkis appointed a new prime minister Sunday at the first step toward forming a government of national unity after five years of violence. Takieddine Solh, prime minister for 14 months before the Lebanese civil war, took up the duties again and said he would begin consultations to form a new Cabinet. His task is to bring paramilitary chiefs and leaders of political parties into what has been called "a government of activists."

Mr. Solh, considered a moderate and a conciliator, succeeds Selim al- Hoss, who offered his resignation last month after more than 3 1/2 half years as prime minister.

The resignation had been left on the table while the President consulted political leaders. Mr. Sarkis suddenly accepted it last Wednesday in an apparent attempt to jolt talks on the proposed government of national unity back into action after bitter factional fighting in the Beirut area.

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