Modernizing an old steam-heat system

Who would I seek out to design or make a layout plan to replace an old stream boiler wit a moder, up-to-date heating system? I'm qualified to do the actual installation myself. Albert Oriucci Detroit

I would think that just about any heating contractor could lay out a plan for you. The question is whether they do it without getting the job itself. Normally, a heating contractor makes his money on the installation.

Why don't you ask the person from whom you plan to buy the components. He could give you the name of someone to hlep you get the job started. Of course if work is a little slack, you might not have any problem.

I've talked with Don Lynch, project manager for research and development for Blueray Systems Inc., Mineola, N.Y. His phone number: (516) 747-8550. He says that the schematics which Blueray would work on would be of a general nature, but that a heating contractor would want to check out the whole layout of the house. You might want to give Mr. Lynch a call. Or you could check it out with some other manufacturer.

The ease of conversion depends on whether the present system is one-pipe or two-pipe, says Mr. Lynch. If it is a one-pipe system, then the job is much more complicated and expensive. If it is a two-pipe system, then the piping can be modified to accommodate a modern hot-water-type boiler.

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