Flame-resistant paints for specific uses

Q. Is there a flame-resistant or flame-retardant substance that can be painted on the framework of a very old house? Mrs. Evelyn E. Ramsey Oatman, Ariz.

A. Flame-resistant paints are available from at least two manufacturers here in the West. They are: Barnard Chemical Company, 21050 East Arrow Highway, Covina, Calif. 91724 (213-331-1223) and the Synkoloid Company, 3113 East 26th Street, Los Angeles, Calif. 90023 (213-268-2761)

Let the companies know of your specific use and need so they can make a solid recommendation of a precise flame-resistant material and method. You may want to work through your local paint dealer.

Larger building-supply houses offer fire- retardant panels, which also may be worth your consideration.

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