Best way to refinish old linoleum floor

Q. I want a permanent or semipermanent finish to put on my kitchen linoleum floor, which is nine years old. Do you have any ideas? Kathleen I. Fleming Durham, N.H.

A. To restore the finish on a linoleum floor, first remove all wax or residue with a solution of one cup ammonia, one-fourth cup Mr. Clean, or equal, and one- half gallon water. Then, to a thoroughtly clean dry floor, apply a product such as Armstrong Super durell or Mirasheen.

Apply the finish directly to a sponge mop and thence to the linoleum. Use several coats, allowing each coat to dry overnight.

Armstrong Cork Company, PO Box 3001, Lancaster, PA. 17604, has a booklet entitled "How to Keep Your Armstrong Flooring Looking Its Best," 1979 edition. You should have it.

Here are some chapter titles: Introduction to Floor Care, Maintenance Tips, Damp Mopping; Washing, Waxing and Stripping, and Stain Prevention and Removal.

It will help you keep your linoleum fresh, clean, and looking almost like new.

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