Transferring E-bonds

I have some series E Savings Bonds due in 1981. I was thinking of exchanging them for HH bonds. OR is it possible to have my daughter made beneficiary on the bonds? How would I go about it? -- H. T.

You would have no difficulty or expense exchanging your E-bonds for HH bonds, and you could make your daughter a beneficiary on the HH bonds at that time. However, the smallest denomination of HH bond is $500.You may either add cash ot the redemption value of E-bonds to reach an increment of $500 or take the difference in cash -- part of which would be taxable if other income pushed you into a taxable bracket. If you are the sole owner of the E-bonds, you may add your daughter as beneficiary by turning in your bonds along with Form PD 4000 and asking for the E-bonds to be reissued. Your local national bank may forward your request, or you cna contact the US Savings Bonds Division, Department of the Treasury, Washington, DC 20226, direct for Form PD 4000 and specific directions.

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