'I don't need no incentive'

Always to take instruction where we find it, the other morning we sat at the feet of Pete Rose. He was talking about a game in which he singled home a fellow Phillie in the 11th inning to bring his Philadelphia baseball team hot on the heels of Montreal's first-place Expos in the National League East. Did Rose have a particular incentive to hustle against the dominating Expos? No, According to his words on the radio that helped to start our day right -- and that we record in essence here:

"I don't need no incentive. I'd work just as hard against the Rhode Island Reds."

It's a philosophy to put beside all the talk about people having to be givenm incentives to do almost anything these days. To do one's best is the basic incentive to have, even if you don't call it one. As this Rose obviously knows, an incentive by any other name smells as sweet.

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