GOLF; Argentine wins senior title

The feeling among American golf fans toward Roberto De vicenzo, the winner of the first US senior Open championship, may h ave been "we owe you one." De Vicenzo had once cheated himself out of a chance to win the 1968 Masters by carelessly signing an incorrect scorecard, giving himself a par 4 on one hole when he actually had a birdie 3. the boner, among the most tragic in golf's history, spared Bob Goalby from having to play a sudden-death playoff with the Argentine.

Roberto hasn't been heard from much since, although his career victories, secured in tournaments around the globe, exceed 100. In winning the inaugural Senior Open, he finished four strokes ahead of Bill Campbell. Having traveled 11,000 miles to play the event, de Vicenzo was not about to repeat his earlier embarrassment. "I made sure I signed the right scorecard," he said. "I checked it over very carefully and counted the strokes on my fingers. twice."

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