A Cry from Chronicles 1 Chron. 4:9

Antares shone baleful over Jabez, Born of his mother's agony; she lay Crying upon hom the curse of her sex, Dread legacy: she named him in sorrow. Enter the grown man. Now in the heat of the Negev Free me (he cried to God) I pray You, Grant me a blessing, and enlarge my coast, Hear, and lift grief and evil from me as I come to You. Supplicant, like a stranger, Jabez spoke -- not as they of the tsadhoq, Kept from this vision -- and then came help, Loosing the chains of that cruel proviso -- Momentous deliverance from a cramped horizon. Never doubt that the essence of this freedom Originates in something beyond the mortal. Prayer flies upward; an answer comes back Quiet in the soul's silence; neither shaman nor raj Rends it; there is only the ineffable I Shining. And this Shekinah Time itself becomes irrelevant -- something Unremembered in the eternity of Vindication. here then is hope Welling up for all mankind (Xenophobia is out), answering their frantic Yearning for a peace nothing can rob. Zion be our cornerstone, our diadem.

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