Cleaning up aluminum

To the real estate editor: Regarding aluminum window corrosion (J. S. S. of Carlsbad, Calif.: First, use medium sandpaper. Next, if pitted, dab with aluminum naval jelly (found in any hardware store). Follow instructions. Resand, if necessary.

Next, use one coat of Du Pont Fast Dry 30-minute latex exterior-interior gray primer. This is terrific stuff and I've used it on both wood and metal. (I am not connected with Du Pont.) It primes the wood, iron, cast iron, steel, aluminum, galvanized metal, tin, zinc, copper, brass, and bronze. Follow with one coat of good exterior latex paint.

Now, if the surfaces are not pocked, sand smooth and just paint with exterior latex paint. I did it the simple way and after three years there is no sign of corrosion.

About the faucets: Keep them polished if you replace them. That's the secret. Leonard C. Keppler Newport Beach, Calif.

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