How to separate moisture and paint

Q. I have a rental unit with aluminum casement windows which sweat inside most of the time. The moisture even flows down onto the windowsills and wallboard, making the paint peel and blister. What can I do to stop the moisture? Richard Harper Escondido, Calif.

A. Inside humidity is the culprit. If you get rid of the moisture, you will eliminate the condensation on the windowsill.

Install exhaust fans in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry. If used, the fans will exhaust the damp air and should help to dry up the windows. A dehumidifier will reduce the dewpoint. Cross-ventilate when the weather permits.

You can place some cups of silicon gel in any tight locations in the house which are moist.It can usually be found in arts-and-crafts stores. Invest in some snap-on plastic sheets, equal to that made by Plaskolite Inc., PO Box 1497, Columbus, Ohio 43216. These will help to thwart the excess moisture.

When the humidity problem is solved, repaint the sill and wallboard as required.

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