Campaign Roundup (2)

Reagan supporters have found a major loophole in campaign spending limits that may make the ceilings meaningless. The legal limits don't apply to committees that have no direct contact with the campaign organization, but spend on behalf of the candidate. Thus, several committees intend to avoid the spending ceiling on Reagan's behalf.

Americans for Change, headed by Sen. Harrison Schmitt (R) of New Mexico announced last week it will raise and spend from $20 million to $30 million to help elect Reagan.

Other groups have formed to help both Reagan and other candidates this year, but none on the scale of Americans for Change.

Democratic national chairman John White called it an "aberration" that will "distort the political process."

But Senator Schmitt says, "I just don't think it's workable to have an overall cap" on campaign spending.

Reagan himself has said he would "run like a deer the other way" upon hearing of such efforts.

Under the current federal election law, the Republican and Democratic nominees each get $29.4 million for the general election campaign, and they are barred from raising or spending any other funds.m

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