Calculator Puzzles

Want to have some fun with a calculator? Entertain your friends with the following puzzles. To see the answers to the questions, make certain you turn the calculator around and look at the numbers upside down. (You can also work this quiz by working the problems with pencil and paper. Be sure to write the answers very carefully and then turn them upside down.)

1. A farmer owned 7 acres of pumpkin field. He dug a well 10 feet deep. Instead of water, what do you think he struck? (Enter 710 in your calculator and turn it upside down for the answer.)

2. A rabbit had been lost for 4 days. He was 700 miles from home. After 3,000 hops he found his way home. What does the rabbit live in? (Enter 4 plus 700 plus 3,000.)

3. A man traveled 185 miles to spend 2 days in Spain. What did he say when he saw Madrid? (Enter 185 X 2.)

4. A boy and his father drove 700 miles to go fishing. They hiked 30 minutes to the head of the lake. After fishing for 3 minutes, the boy said, "I've caught a fish." "That's not a fish," said his father. "That's an . . ." (Enter 700 plus 30 plus 3.)

5. A boy and girl had no money 0. They lived 773 miles apart. After 4 months, the boy saved enough money to visit the girl. What did she say when she saw him? (Enter 0.7734.)

6. A 7-year-old boy wanted a dog. He saved $33 to take care of it. He searched for 4 months and finally found one. He taught it to roll over, sit up and . . .(Enter 7,334.)

7. A 45-yearold woman traveled 300 miles to visit a deserted beach. On the beach she found a beautiful object. A scientist told her it was almost 77,000 years old. What was it? (Enter 45 plus 300 plus 77,000.)

8. A girl bet her friend that 1,201 plus 68 plus 2,125 plus 113 did not add up to 3,507. Did she win or lose?

9. A boy and girl were in a spelling bee. they each had 68 owrds to spell. the girl missed 2. Who do you think won the contest? (Enter 68 divided by 2)

10. A navy ship was 530 miles from land. Storm waves were 25 feet high. The captain decided to radio for help. What message did he send? (Enter 530 and subtract 25.)

The numbers that look like letters when you trun your calculator upside down are 0 1 3 4 5 and 7 -(O I E H S and L). Perhaps you can find other words hidden in those letters an make up puzzles of your own.

Answers to quiz 1. oil 2. hole %. ole 4. eel 5. hello 6. heel 7. shell 8. lose 9. he 10. SOS

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