Iran holding meeting to review US 'intervention'

An international conference opens here today (June 2) in which the Iranian government will attempt to show that the United States systematically interfered in Iran's affairs during the Shah's regime.

Some 100 nongovernmental organizations from 50 countries, including political parties, trade unions, and liberation movements, have accepted invitations to the four-day gathering, organizers said.

The conference on "US Interventions in Iran" was proposed by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini after the aborted American military mission to rescue US hostages being held in Iran.

Organizers said the conference would scrutinize US activities in Iran since the 1953 American-backed coup d'etat that toppled the government of Muhammad Mossadeq and restored the Shah to power.

Ahmad Salamatian, a presidential aide and the conference secretary-general, told a news conference that Iran would aim to prove that the US did not have a normal diplomatic relationship with Tehran but ran the country for its own interests.

Western diplomats hope the conference can help pave the way for a solution of the hostage crisis by drawing off anti-American feelings among members of Iran's newly elected parliament.

Meanwhile, the parliament, charged by Ayatollah Khomeini with setting terms for the release of the US hostages, is expected to start debating the issue next month.

A newspaper opinion poll of 31 of the 234 deputies elected so far indicated Saturday that a majority favor putting the hostages on trial. Mr. Salamatian said the conference could not be seen as a substitute for a trial.

Organizers have invited all members of parliament to the conference.

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