Some help on effects of moisture at seaside

Q. I have three questions, all having to do with moisture or humidity: * Where can I obtain silica gel in small amounts? I use it in places where moisture needs to be absorbed.

* Roughness is noticeable on the outside of our aluminum window and door frames in our three-year-old mobile home.We never had this problem in the desert. What will remove the roughness?

* A similar roughness occurs on the faucets in the bathrooms. I rub off the bumps of oxidation, but small spots of metal under the chrome show. What can I do to improve the appearance of the faucets short of replacement? J. S. S. Carlsbad, Calif.

A * Silica gel may be obtained from local hobby shops as well as arts-and- crafts stores. Such outlets usually stock it in small quantities.

* Since Carlsbad, as you know, lies right on the Pacific coast, briny air attacks the aluminum frames, leaving salt deposits that cause the oxidation on the surface.

Large hardware or paint stores should have commercial products on the shelf to remove such deposits. Pin holes might resist removal, but the aluminum will at least look better than it does now.

To avoid oxidation on new aluminum frames that are exposed to a coastal climate, wax the windows with a good-quality car wax. Repeat as needed. Otherwise, you may have to live with the oxidation as long as you live near the sea.

* As for the deteriorating faucets in the bathroom, perhaps the best answer is to replace them with high-quality new ones, if indeed the old ones are of poor quality. However, there may be a metal paint that might give temporary improvement in their appearance.

Ask your local paint dealer for his advice on the matter.

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