GI pullout urged to reunify Korea

Chinese Prime Minister Hua Guofeng, speaking at the Japanese National Press Club, called Thursday for the withdrawal of American troops from South Korea to pave the way for a peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula. There are 40 ,000 American troops now stationed there.

Mr. Hua said that the two-Korea division should not last for a long period and that China has "consistently supported North Korea's policy of seeking the reunification independently."

Brushing aside concern that North Korea might take advantage of the unrest in the South, he said, "North Korea has no intention to meddle in the affairs of South Korea."

Meanwhile, as the Korean situation calms down, three regiments of South Korean infantry troops have been returned to the US-Korean joint defense command after their temporary assignment for police duties during the recent rebellion in Kwangju, a US Defense Department spokesman said Thursday.

Some other South Korean units remain temporarily assigned to police duties. There are 2,600 soldiers in one South Korean regiment.

A US naval force deployed near Korea, centered on the aircraft carrier Coral Sea and including two guided-missile cruisers, two frigates, and two support ships, remains "in the vicinity of Korea" as a precautionary measure, the Pentagon said.

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