US 'Gold Medal' basketball series to showcase Olympic Team

Despite overtures by several US cities to host Olympic- like competitions, nothing has materialized to substitute for the Moscow games. Most American athletes, therefore, must resign themselves to displaying their skills in the ordinary ways -- at national and international meets. Not so the men's Olympic basketball team, which will meet a collection of National Basketball Association stars in a five-game series beginning June 16.

The first of these "Gold Medal Games" will be played at the Forum in Los Angeles, to be followed by contests in Phoenix on June 18, Seattle the 20th, New York the 22nd, and Indianapolis the 23rd. Each city will be represented by some of its own NBA players plus various pro stars from other franchises. The Olympic team is being selected by Coach Dave Gavitt of Providence College during the current tryout camp in Lexington, Ky.

The NBA plans to make a substantial donation to the US Olympic Committee as a result of these games, a warranted gesture considering the excellent publicity the contests afford the league. They give it the opportunity to showcase many of next season's top rookies. Olympians who will have been selected in the NBA draft on June 10.

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