Data on how to make alcohol fuel on farms

Here a two suggestions which may give you some direction: You can drop a note to Anthony E. Clifford, president of BioSynthetics Inc., 25 East Church Street, Frederick, MD 21701. The phone number is (301) 694-6242. Mr. Clifford is a former senior executive with Solarex, a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic (solar electric) energy systems.

BioSynthetics was set up last fall to engage in the design, development, manufacture, and marketing of commercially viable products in the emerging biosynthetic fuels industry.

Its first commercial product will be a semiautomated, small-scale alcohol production unit.

You can also drop a line to PO Box 100, Iredell, TX 76649, and ask for a copy ($3.50) of "Making It on the Farm," by Micky Nellis. The book lists costs of the various materials to be used in the production of alcohol for fuel, the ethanol yield for many crops, etc. The book also has an extensive bibliography, I'm told.

Other books are probably available on the subject. Scout around at your local public library.

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